$70.00 / month

    • Choice of two Neat-O! Chocolate, Strawberry, or No-Frills Moodmilks



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Growing a person is hard work, and as a birthing parent, no doubt you’re already tapping into all kinds of supernatural strength. We’re channeling the can-do of Marge Gunderson with the realism of Miranda Hobbes, the energy of Blue Ivy-era Beyoncé, and the candor of Ali Wong… but pretty sure you and your body know best. We think it’s important to let it do its pregnancy thing (with the guidance of your trusted health care provider, of course). But we created our latest product with you in mind — in chocolate *and* in strawberry — so your hormones can get a little extra support during a time when they’ve got quite the lift. One daily dose of our Neat-O! omega-rich moodmilk, made with hemp heart protein, contains all nine essential amino acids and is high in fiber, omega 3s, zinc, iron, and magnesium. It’s a boost for you and for babe, and we’re down for anything that makes you feel as strong as you know you are.

This monthly bundle includes:

  • 2x Neat-O! Chocolate Instant Moodmilk OR Neat-O! Strawberry Instant Moodmilk

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Weight 27 oz

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