$56.00 / month

  • Choice of two Neat-O! Chocolate, Strawberry, or No Frills Moodmilks
  • 3x Sex Chocolate

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The times, they are a-changing. You (and your estrogen levels) too. There’s a chance you’re managing menopause with total ease and a full-on sex drive and a seriously chipper mood, with zero hot flashes and a cool ten hours of sleep every night. (If that’s you, pls reach out because we want to take notes.) But in reality, the facts say that 85% of menopausées experience symptoms, and we want to help. Our solution: chocolate. Specifically, Sex Chocolate (yes) and chocolate moodmilk. We can explain. Sex Chocolate is a raw chocolate truffle made with organic shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb with a legit history of getting the juices flowing, and our Neat-O! chocolate moodmilk mix is built on 15g of hemp heart protein, known for its mood-balancing skills when used in your daily routine. Menopause has gotten a bad rap since… well, forever, but trust us on this one — we’ve got your back (and your hormones, for sure).

This monthly bundle includes:

  • 3x Sex Chocolate Very popular. Back in stock soon!
  • Neat-O! Chocolate Instant Moodmilk OR Neat-O! Strawberry Instant Moodmilk

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Weight 27 oz

Chocolate Neat-O!, Strawberry Neat-O!, No-Frills Neat-O!

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