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  • Choice of two Neat-O! Chocolate, Strawberry, or No-Frills Moodmilks
  • 1x Sex Chocolate



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Um, you just had a baby. That’s AMAZING! Now what? Probably a whole lot of things, because you’re exhausted, you’re restless, and you’ve likely spent a whole lot of time focusing on a special tiny someone lately — but what about you?! Dream with us for a minute: a hot shower, a looong nap, and a glass of strawberry milk enjoyed all alone in your kitchen, flipping through magazines while your mini soundly sleeps on. Okay, hear us out on the strawberry milk: our Neat-O! instant moodmilk is rich with essential omega 3s and omega 6s that are scientifically proven to smooth out mood swings and help your body heal. It’s purposely easy to make (just add milk and stir) so that you may actually have the time to take that snooze after all. For the overachievers, we tossed in a single, lust-inducing chocolate so you can take a bit more time for yourself — when you’re ready, of course. Shatavari, its active ingredient, is also a galactagogue, so for the nursers out there, you can boost milk production while getting your libido back. We’re looking out for you!

This monthly bundle includes:

  • Neat-O! Chocolate Instant Moodmilk OR Neat-O! Strawberry Instant Moodmilk
  • 1x Sex Chocolate Very popular. Back in stock soon!

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Weight 27 oz

Chocolate Neat-O!, Strawberry Neat-O!, No-Frills Neat-O!

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